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Deer movement and rutting activity
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Yep, seems fairly consistent across the board. I have hunted hard for the past 4 days straight with pretty much the same consensus as MLB, and ChrisK, and…
Yesterday (9th) morning proved to be the best with seeing some cruising bucks in the morning but that was it. No mature bucks, just 2.5 year olds. This morning and evening proved to be the opposite, only a couple lonely does. All I can think to keep my moral up is that we are on the cusp of having good days very, very, soon.
With all this unnerving madness going on, being past the marketed “best rut days” according to the most knowledgeable deer biologists and magazine articles, I decided to take a look back at my deer logs along with my other good buddies who kill mature bucks.  In my area I hunt (Will Co), I have killed a 4.5+ year old between the dates on November 13-17. So all is not lost. Pretty much the same with my other seasoned bowhunter friends.
Big front moving through tomorrow night with high winds and Tstorms. I’ll keep up in a tree tomorrow justifying and talking myself into why it will be awesome tomorrow. After all, we are all bit by the whitetail bug and we love bowhunting these big fellas. It just makes it so much sweeter when one of you post a pick of the fruits of your labor. Good luck fells and let’s grind it out before we start seeing a whole lot of orange in the woods.

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I just got back from hunting the past 5 days.  Ended up taking a decent 8pt Monday afternoon.  All the larger bucks I saw all week are locked down with does.  The smaller bucks are chasing.  Most activity based on trail camera’s and a few drives to town in the evening show a lot of nocturnal activity.  Mornings were hands down better for movement.  Just too warm in the afternoons.  Of the 5 days, Monday had the most activity, not sure why.  Good luck to you guys, maybe this cold front coming thru now will get the deer moving during daylight.  Calhoun County.

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