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Youth Turkey
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Whos all taking kids out? Lil freak is super pumped and im just hoping the weather is decent….Good luck to all you dads and moms taking out the young-ens….......

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We are missing youth season this year.  Kids are tied up with sports.  They will be able to make it out a few times during the regular seasons though.  Good luck!

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I am going the opposite direction, i am doing the elderly hunt (during 2nd season).  Trying to get my old man to pull the trigger on a big longbeard.  The last time i tried this, my dad was chillin next to me with his gun resting against a hay bale when a big ole tom came running in to about 8 yds and he told me to shoot it because he wasnt ready.  That IS NOT happening this year, its a longbeard for the best dad on earth or bust.  That being said, i cant wait to participate in the youth season when my kids are old enough (in about 10 years)!  Either way, i am absolutely pumped for turkey season, less that 1 month away!!

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