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Hello there, I am new to this so please be patient. We are looking to buy a SeaArk Rivercat 2072 boat. We sorta found one but my other half decided it was too much money. Go figure. And no it wasn’t the woman who said that. I told him to get what he wants since we have had as many as 4 boats in the barn at once and they don’t do what we want them to. We both love to fish. We crappie fish and catfish by troutlines and verticals so we need one boat to do it all. Any suggestions? They must be a great boat because we do not seem to find any used ones for sale.Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to H.O. flatcat…Im not much help on jon-boats…My dream boat would be a 18ft,xtra wide,xtra deep, and 2 livewells:)The rich boyz can have them bass boats;)

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MRF, Clark Boat & Motor in East Alton, IL is a SeaArk dealer. Give them a call, they may have a used or could steer you to one. They are great and honest folks.
Just Google search the above name and it will get you to the web-site and phone numbers.
Good Luck on your purchase.
By the way, SeaArk will put on their 3rd annual catfish tournament on the Alton pool (Mississippi) again this late spring/early summer. They put on display many many new boats at the weigh-in area. It would be a great opportunity to buy a boat, new or used.

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MoRiverFLat- I have a 2005 SeaArk 2072 for sale with a 115 Mercury. Send PM and I will see if I can figure out how to get you pictures. Where are you located?

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