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Trail Cameras killing your odds?
Posted: 15 October 2012 09:17 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Here is a new video from The Management Advantage talking about trail cameras. I looked at it as the Myth Buster to the comments made about IR vs Flash, and spraying down, videos etc.

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I think deer are like people.  Many different personalities.  I always have my cams set to video and have for years.  I have certain bucks that freak out when the camera turns on…but most don’t.  Most are interested, but just pass on by.  A couple weeks ago I got over 100 videos of the same doe (I knew it was the same doe because she has a broken jaw).  In 95% of the videos she would either just look at the camera, then ignore it…or totally ignore it.  In the other 5%, this same doe would freak out as if she had never seen it before.  Two hours later she’d walk right by like it wasn’t there.  Deer have many different personalities.  Some aggressive, some shy, and most somewhere in between.

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I agree treehugger. What works with one deer herd might not in another. If deer are picking off your camera at waist high then why not try it higher? I know one thing, I will definitely try this on scrapes. I don’t want to know how many good bucks I have videos of on scrapes that have only shown one time then never again. I 100% feel the camera was to blame!