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Any Mclean county shroomers out there?
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I called off the season this morning. Lots of walking in Dewitt county with nothing to show. Followed by lots of walking in Mclean county with 1 dried up grey and 3 dried up yellows to show (I left em’ for seed if your desparate). So in my eyes it’s over before it started,due to hot/dry weather. Someone out there tell me it’s not over round here.

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Im in adams co and still findin lil greys and yellows that are still bent over….Its been a weird year for mushrooms….

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I think if we get the rain they are calling for and one good day of heat the little fellows that are bent over hiding under the leaves will be on like Donkey Kong!!!The only problem is I am going on vacation so I will be missing the action…


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I’m holding onto hope that this round of storms will help.  So, I guess we’ll see.


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