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Catfish Patties
Posted: 26 February 2012 12:05 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Tried something I’ve been thinking about for a while.  Not wildly successful but not horrible.  Had some small channel cats in the freezer from last year.  Thawed them and then boiled until the meat flaked off easily.  Got the meat cooled a little and pretty finely chopped.  Added an egg and enough saltine crackers to make it pasty enough to hold together.  Formed into balls and fried until they got golden.  Have done the same thing with canned salmon with decent results. 

Think the above would work with any fish.  Might try to get a little more of the moisture out next time as it took quite a bit of cracker to get things dry enough to stick together.  Just about overpowered the fish with saltine.  Had this with a “salsa” made with a can of spiced tomato mix, pineaple, canned corn, mandarin oranges and some simple spices. 

As stated…..not wildly successful but wanted to give it a try.  Is not a hard recipe to try and is a little departure from the usual fried or broiled stuff.  Looking forward to catching some new fish before long!!

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Mac the patties sound good, I do this with salmon….I add some onion and celery with 6 eggs and crackers and its AWESOME….

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“Just about overpowered the fish with saltine”
Maybe try using plain breadcrumbs in place of the crackers, as they have less flavor.  I think that ‘s how my Mom did it.


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