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Winter Project - Deer Pin Plaque
Posted: 10 March 2017 10:32 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I’ve been collecting all my deer pins since I started hunting in 1985.  Up till this year, I just put them in an old candy jar.  I always wanted to put them into a plaque, the ones made from oak veneer plywood shaped like the outline of Illinois.  Never wanted to spend the $150 for one.  So I came up with my own idea that is affordable and looks pretty good.

1. I bought a bass wood plaque made by Walnut Hollow for around $10 off amazon.  I bought a 9” x 13” size.
2. I created a grid template using Google Docs in order to determine where to drill my countersink holes that will hold the deer pins.  I decided that 4 pins across by 7 rows looked good for the plaque size.
3. Using a 1.25” Forstner style bit I set my drill press to drill the holes about 1/8” deep.  Deer pin size changed about 5 years ago.  Older pins are a little smaller than the new pins.  New pins fit tight in the 1.25” holes.  I tried 1 1/8” forstener bit for the older pins but it was too small.  My forster bit set increments by 1/8” so I ended up drilling all the hole sizes the same.  If you have a set that increments by a 16th you could probably go to a smaller bit size for the older pins.
4. Lightly sanded the plaque and gave the plaque 2 coats of polyurethane.
5. Removed the clasps from the back of the deer pins and hot glued into place.

I already had glue and the forstner bits so only cost me $10 for each plaque and about $8 for the poly spray.  Turned out pretty decent and was pretty easy to assemble.

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Now thats awesome buddy. I have every pin illinois has came out with on deer and the frame to put them in cost me $120….Job well done!!!!

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Love this idea.  I have a glass front box frame with a Velcro backing and the pins always slide or fall out over time.  This is the type of project that a non-woodworker (like me) could run with and get out in the garage for a couple of hours.  two birds with one stone.