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Wild Hogs in ILL
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I live in the North edge of Henderson County.
The town North of me is Keithsburg. There is a local fellow that does limited farming and raises about 20 pigs.

I occasionally stop and visit with him. I know nothing or very little about pigs. The year before I had taken pictures of some of his pigs to send to my grandchildren.

He said to me - See that pig over there? That is a wild pig.

He had the pig segregated in a separate pen. Two weeks ago I saw it in the field with my pigs.

There is a difference thogh with this pig. See how long the snout is?
See how low the forehead is in comparison to that other pig.

I asked him where it came from? He had no idea, but is keeping close watch. He had checked his fences and couldn’t find any holes or openings.  What I noticed is that the wild pig was a very hairy compared to his pigs.

Anyway according to him it was not just a loose pig that got a little wild.

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Being from Louisiana, I can promise you this, you don’t want them. KILL EM all, even if you don’t eat the meat, they are a meance that you don’t want. They will kill and eat baby deer!

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