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Habitat plots
Posted: 29 May 2014 09:09 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Been busy putting habitat plots in for Quail, Turkey nesting ,loafing, lil bluestem, il bundleflower side oats gamma and some buckwheat mixed in here and there hope it works so far about 20 acres in.


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Right there with you! Hope we can get some nice rains to get my native warm season grasses a good start. Just got done planting 14 acres of Cave-in-Rock Switch-grass/Indian grass/Forbes. Put 25 foot fire breaks around each field with clover/chicory/oats and then put in a 5 acre plot that is a mix of Corn/soybeans. The corn/soybean plot is going to look pretty ugly, but should be a great winter food source. I hope we don’t have another drought year, because I was already pretty late on planting most of this.

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I leave corn and beans up all winter. Also have clover which the deer hit if snow not too deep. I dont plant any “special” foods that the big boys advertise. If you have food, water and cover, they will come (and stay). Also, it helps if your neighbors dont shoot every thing they see. . Since Jan 1 Ive seen 12 different bucks on my trail cams. Photo shows deer tracks after the recent snow

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