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Stay on Target

This giant typical is from Wisconsin *Updated*

Mon, October 20, 2014

A Wisconsin hunter has reportedly shot a buck that could net over 200 inches! Time will tell if this score holds up, but this is a true giant either way. It looks to me to be a main frame 12 point with 2 visible abnormals. There could be some I did not notice too. The actual reported green score is 202 & 5/8’s. Congrats to the hunter!

This is an update to the initial post.  The buck evidently was entered into a big buck contest in Cambria, WI.  It appears that 202 & 5/8’s is likely the gross score, so if that is accurate it will not net over 200 inches.  It still could net in the 190’s though and I think that would make it a WI state record (if it does).


He’s pretty symmetrical.  Not many deductions besides the irregulars.  He’s a huge buck no matter what his score is.  Love those giant typicals!!!

Posted by Andy Meador on October 20

Any idea what part of Wisconsin this brute was shot in?

Posted by GalenaBob on October 20

Bob, what I read did not release any details other than a couple pictures and the alleged score.
-Darin DeNeal

Posted by shootist on October 20

what a great buck! Crazy how symmetrical that rack is!

Posted by BucknBass84 on October 21

Wayyyyyyy to small. He shoulda given him 2 more years:)

Posted by WhitetailFreak on October 21

Nice Buck, Sure has a heavy main beam. Wonder why the top of the head is so much lighter color, almost reddish, is that something to do with the deer in WI.? And another deer with no white on it’s neck, is there more deer like this than what I think there is? I thought the double patch was not real common but this is the second deer on the site I have seen with no white patch on his neck this year.

Posted by berlin on October 21


I added a second pic which shows the white on the throat.  The first pic just didn’t quite capture it I guess.

-Darin DeNeal

Posted by shootist on October 21

I see it now Darin, I ain’t very smart and thought I was just catching onto something I hadn’t noticed before after all these years. Plus I did see a little after putting my glasses on!!

Posted by berlin on October 21

Deer of my dreams.  Beautiful.

Posted by Treehugger on October 21

There is a nice write up on this deer & more photo’s over here:

As I wrote there, I get the willies now whenever I hear about a hunter who keeps bagging big deer.  Kiernan, Anthony, Bergsma, Spann, Feathers….etc etc etc.  It would be better for writers to not even mention that any given hunter who gets a huge deer has done it before.

Posted by tarcticus on October 21

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